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Here is a compilation of 10 best practices observed in the companies resisting modernisation of their HR systems.

  1. Numb your curiosity; simply don’t care about what others are doing.
  2. Stay paralyzed by fear of anything containing these 4 letters: TECH.
  3. Kill your mindset redesign; stick to whatever has been working for ions.
  4. Block your HR office doors in front of anyone who even distantly reminds you of IT geek.
  5. Keep on operating within an archaic job functions web.
  6. Fire all staff with any tendency to be self-managed and team-oriented.
  7. Create rules. And when you finish, move onto the next task: create even more meaningless rules, coz the rules rulz!
  8. Ignore data. Stay loyal to uninformed decisions.
  9. Stick to intuition, instinct & guts feeling only.
  10. Any other idea supporting the HR Tragedy.

If the above is your plan, we at Flapps are unable to help… Because what we do is exactly the opposite! We are empowering HR professionals with a modern and friendly technology.

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