About Us

We are passionate about creating the next gen, complex yet flexible enterprise SaaS solutions that help our customers and their employees succeed.

XperienceHR is Your People Tool.

When we talk technology here at XperienceHR, we challenge ourselves: “Why would anyone want to use our app?”

Here is why we believe anyone would – a short version 😉

  • We understand the struggles you have in the innovation process of the HR tech – resistance to change, budget restrictions, more urgent projects to focus on…

  • We help to navigate through a challenging technology selection process and evaluation. Together we can find out whether XperienceHR is a good fit for your company’s needs.

  • We make the implementation process easy to follow, fast (4 – 6 weeks) and flexible. No horrendous 6 months of double work running both old and new systems at the same time.

At XperienceHR we are passionate about our product and this shines through in our commitment to our clients.

Our Journey

We began our first enterprise time tracking project in 2000 alongside one of the Big 5 consulting companies for a giant telco client. A few years later we teamed up with the world’s largest PC maker on a project to create an Absence Tracking Tool.

We evolved into Flapps in 2010 when we created an online version of our product. Our software made its way out of the corporate data centers and into the cloud. The initial focus was on time tracking. But we did not stop there. In cooperation with our clients and us seeing ourselves as a trendwatcher, we have been expanding the modules and features portfolio.

As a result, we rebranded to XperienceHR in fall 2018 to reflect the complexity of our HR solution. Still, our app is loved for its user-friendly and flexible design.

XperienceHR grew from a small start-up to a company that serves clients all over the world and we now proudly work alongside several Fortune 100 companies. We would be thrilled to explore our cooperation also with you.



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