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Web based applications can do magic under the current upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of “office” locations multiplied suddenly and largely to protect the health of their employees. The necessity of making technological choices took up a new speed.  On one side, companies’ leaders are looking into new tools. On the other side, there are small and big app developers creating software helping to adjust the new work environment.  


Six ways in which a web-based application can work in your favor:

1/ Work anytime anywhere. Web based software can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet. Data is available from anywhere after the user logs in. This is a real bonus for productivity.

2/ No physical software to download, install, update or manage. The software is always up to date and downtimes are minimized with redundant systems off-site.

3/ Web based software is compatible with any device or platform. The software is delivered through a browser of the user’s choice.

4/ Pay as you go. Upfront costs are minimal with fees based on a per user scheme.

5/ Scalability. With web-based software, you can easily add more user licenses in seconds. No more installations and configurations on every workstation or laptop.

6/ Mobile device applications allow for access to the software when out of the regular office. Productivity remains high as employees can get the work they need done now.


Let your choices create a transparent environment helping your employees to be productive and engaged.


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