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Features at a Glance

Employee Achievements

An approach that is empowering employee to submit his/her achievements for the month as part of their monthly timesheet routine. These achievements become a part of the performance review notes, very specific and to the point, and are used during the in-person PA review sit down.

Managerial Feedback to Employee

Approval of monthly timesheet is the time and space to give a brief feedback on the tasks and activities performed by the employee. This can do a miracle to you company culture. A short written feedback can stir, motivate and inspire your people.

Private Notes on Performance

Additionally, there is a space for manager’s private notes which an employee does not see. These can be used during the personal appraisal meeting that happens less often.

The most exciting part of the employee feedback feature

Five smiley icons are inviting the manager to give a short feedback by picking happy/sad smiley.
The employee instantly and frequently feels the vibe. In daily life, we are so used to express our feelings using the simple smiley faces icons – why not picking one each month to trigger a regular and open conversation in your teams?

A purpose of the timesheet redefined

In most countries keeping employee attendance is a must. Monthly feedback review is not. An inbuilt performance feature within the regular timesheet eliminates opening a different app as both tasks are done on a single page. This keeps a 2-way communication open and allows to make any adjustments swiftly to keep your employees happy and engaged.

Specific, regular and frequent interaction

No extra costs

All in one application

It is fast: 2 clicks, 2 minutes

Helps to remember moments of your work life

Millennials love getting feedback

Genuine and instant people recognition positively impact any company and enables a fluid work environment. So much more so with the Millennials. They have no patience to wait around for annual reviews. Broken interaction between the managers and millennials invites complacency and threatens retention. XperienceHR is here to back you up. XperienceHR feature of monthly feedback caters for the millennials’ need of having things transparent. They just love to see those thumbs up for their impact, achievements and ideas.