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One of the dilemmas which the leaders have is on ‘How much to reveal to our employees about what is coming next’, as presented by Erin Meyer at the Unleash conference in Paris, 12-13 Oct 22. Introducing a seamless and transparent hybrid work plan should not be among such dilemmas.

Your people simply need to see why to make a trip to the office. That does not include hanging on video calls all day. Coming to the office only to find empty desks and sleeping coffee machines would have the opposite effect. The worst thing is to leave your employees confused. A purposeless hybrid no-plan plan would only encourage quiet quitting which could ultimately lead to your great talents’ resignations.


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Here are three points to remember:

1. Have an upfront-loaded meetings and events plan for specific days of the week and tell them to come in to the office on those very days. On the remote days, encourage “deep thinking” and innovation focus.

2. Regardless of the physical location factor, create a company culture with a sense of belonging and value with visible leadership. They will feel secure.

3. Pay special attention to the new hires and have them come in one extra day for mentoring and training. You don’t want to throw out of the window all the recruiting and onboarding hours and have them go because of confusion and disengagement.


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Now let us bring the emerging post-covid recession into this reflection. Are you shifting your attention to hardcore savings by taking away the benefits which supported the well-being and mental health of your employees during the covid times? Do you have a line-up of more work culture rules, innovative projects’ budget restraints, and no more gym memberships? Such actions in reaction to the global scene may trigger the “vicious circle”.


The ring is closed: your best talents are key to maintaining your company’s competitive edge. They need to perceive a transparent hybrid work plan painted clearly. Do not let them slip into the quiet quitting mode to which a chaotic work culture can contribute. Let your employees thrive. All of us can help with slowing down the great resignation movement.


Silvia Hurova

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