XperienceHR Staffing

Track all your employees' attendance IN REAL TIME.

Real-time attendance tracking for temporary staffing companies - key benefits

Get real-time efficiency

Improve efficiency with digital workflows, increase invoicing thanks to reduced absence rates, and speed up your billing cycle with online data feeds.

Eliminate absence fraud

Real-time absence tracking significantly reduces absence-related fraud, resulting in increased profitability for the staffing company.

Keep the costs down

With all digital workflow, low-cost NFC cards paired with a Smart Box, and free mobile apps, you get results while keeping the costs down.

Trusted By These Companies Both Big And Small

A single T&A SaaS system for all your sites and companies

One flexible, enterprise-grade system tracks all your employees across all customer sites and countries, in multiple legal entities and jurisdictions. Know how many employees you have in the field at all times.

Dedicated features for staffing companies

Unlimited sites

XperienceHR Staffing is easily scalable to all your customer sites and countries. Unlimited sites and employees.

Any type of shift

Unlimited type, rates, shift duration and extra pay to comply with local legislation and your customer contracts.

Real-time notifications

Late and missing email notifications help you resolve operating issues in real time.

Customer access

Let your customers review and approve timesheets online to reduce errors and speed up your billing cycle.

Employee access

Your employees can review their timesheets and request holidays online to reduce the burden on your HR team.

Low cost solution

To keep the costs low, XperienceHR uses cost-efficient NFC cards paired with installed Smart Box, or free mobile apps.

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Business benefits for staffing companies

XperienceHR is designed as a flexible, high-performance yet low-cost solution. We have been developing IT solutions for banks, utilities, large and medium-sized companies for 20 years, so we know what matters to our enterprise customers.

Improve your staffing KPIs

  • Increase billing and reduce employee absence rates thanks to real-time absence monitoring and notifications
  • Increase operational efficiency thanks to full T&A visibility across all your customers, sites, companies and countries
  • Eliminate absence fraud thanks to real-time data and audit trails
  • Reduce paperwork and errors thanks to all-digital workflow
  • Reduce financing costs and speed up your billing cycle thanks to real-time data availability and API feeds directly to your billing system

Special staffing features

  • Unlimited legal entities, sites, employees
  • Mobile attendance anywhere in the world
  • Real-time view for all employees
  • Easy setup for multi-country HR compliance
  • Any type of shift in any country and customer site
  • Any shift time, any rate, overtimes and extra pay
  • Customer and management approvals
  • Employee access for timesheet review and holiday requests
  • GPS tracking and geofencing in free mobile apps
  • Employee SMS notifications
  • Employees can upload absence documents
  • Data export to a spreadsheet or as a feed into your systems through API

A truly mobile online solution

  • Clock-in/clock-out recording using cost-effective NFC cards or secure mobile apps.
  • On-premise solutions based on a rugged Smart Box with NFC cards and built-in Android phone.
  • If an installation of on-premise solutions is not possible or cost-effective (e.g. very small teams or short assignments), a fully mobile solution using free iOS and Android apps is available.

Fast rollout in 1-2 weeks

XperienceHR stands for Flexible Applications – the system is built for flexibility and speed of implementation and usage. Contact us to find out how to implement the XperienceHR Staffing system on your multiple sites in just 1-2 weeks.

Enterprise-grade security

  • XperienceHR is a robust SaaS system built to meet all your enterprise security requirements.
  • Send us your Request For Proposal with your detailed security specifications so we can provide you full information on XperienceHR Staffing security features.