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Who has moved furniture around to redesign their living space? And who has done some spring cleaning to design their home office during the Covid-19 quarantine? We believe quite a number of us realized it’s about the time! Reorganized space gives us a sense of accomplishment, a renewed feeling of focus and it boosts our creativity. How about reorganizing the virtual space of HR Tools inviting savings and more efficiency?

By this virtual spring cleaning we mean re-evaluation of our spending on the HR software and applications. With the current crisis we are in, many procurement departments have fast-tracked money saving projects instead of putting them on the backburner. Now, they are exploring cheaper options by sifting through new potential solution providers.


If this is your company’s situation, we want to provide you two pointers to remember in this important process of re-evaluation.


1) VALUE. Have you ever gone through your personal account at home and realized that you are paying for Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube TV? Clearly, you can consolidate these services into one, right? The same goes for your business. It is common that one enterprise has multiple apps for feedback, recruiting, project time tracking, personal development plans etc. There might be several apps or tools covered by dust that you don’t even realize you still are paying for. It’s about the time to look into contracts and licenses close to an expiration. When you go through this exercise across the branches and departments you will probably discover tremendous potential for cost-cutting. One of cheaper alternatives could be consolidation of the tools. How to go about this?


2) EFFICIENCY. By revisiting your HR processes, you will find out what your real needs are. On one hand, you may discover that you are paying for unnecessary premium packages. On the other hand, you may find some fresh features and ideas which fit well to your current needs. However, cheaper does not mean you should settle for weaker security, poorer software quality or less features.  Don’t compromise on the key modules and features. The point is to categorize the main items as: ‘compulsory, nice-to-have and not-needed’.

Singing up for basic package of software only to save maximum money might take a toll on your time and energy. Going back to manual and potentially inaccurate methods is not the way to go. Then there is an array of vendors. We have the top players with complex features and price plans, smaller providers with just a few modules and startups with an app solving one HR area. Whoever you choose, ask, ask, ask! There is a high chance of ending up with a nice mix-and-matched package tailored to your needs maximizing the efficiency and saving you money.



Once you have compiled a sufficient overview of the solutions, make the decision, and make that change. Roll up your sleeves and start your virtual spring cleaning now. Let some fresh air in and your teams will enjoy an inviting work environment.  Your cash flow will thank you.

XperienceHR is one of those time and absence management HR tools, which is friendly to your employees and to your budget.

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