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“It has been decided: We are going to modernize our HR systems!” Sure, exciting but this one statement can mean a giant and complex task. Well here are a few tips on how you can cut down on some unnecessary frustrations:


1/ Do your homework

Most of the solutions are available online for a free trial period. Sign up, try it, and explore each corner. Don’t give feedback without checking the solution out; you will save time at both ends.

2/ Ask the right questions

Ask ask ask! Do not assume. If you do not see a function or a module in the application that would please you, it does not mean it is not there or it can’t be modified to meet your needs. To speed up this process set up a demo walk-through call with a shared screen.

3/ Reveal your processes

Upgrade the solution provider to your business partner. The more they understand your internal processes, the swifter they can confidently access whether their solution is the right one for you. Remember you would be starting long-term cooperation in a dynamic HR environment J

4/ Voice out your expectations clearly!

Make sure you are not just heard but understood; and right from the beginning. Of course, you will come up with new ideas or requests along the way… But the initial open talk and accurate records of any discussions is a must; it will save you a lot of back and forth later on.

5/ Provide the data you are asked for. On time!

The rollout typically takes place in stages. Before the solution is implemented across all entities or countries a sample of 1-2 countries or one entity is picked. And here is the thing: a high-quality service depends on your input. So do not hold back any data, balances or relevant notes. All needs to go down the information funnel as per the implementation project plan.


Bonus point:

Free online trial will never substitute a good old-fashioned personal meeting. Especially if you are a big enterprise, vendor is willing and happy to travel. Discussing questions and getting answers face to face can never be replaced.

At Flapps we have been through all 5 (+1) points and it works!

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