Hybrid work

Postrehy HR lídra: Trio Hybridná práca – Tiché odchádzanie – Veľká rezignácia

2 min read   Jednou z dilem, ktoré dnes majú HR lídri, znie: „Koľko toho prezradiť svojim zamestnancom o pracovných novinkách?“. Takto nadhodila tému dilem Erin Meyer na konferencii Unleash v Paríži, 12. – 13. októbra 2022. Pravidelné zdieľanie transparentného plánu hybridnej práce … Read More


Čo si predstavíte, keď sa povie personálne oddelenie alebo HR?

< 1 min read   Naháňanie PN-kových lístkov, nervózne potenie sa na pohovoroch, alebo zdĺhavé stretnutia bez pointy a podstaty? Možno aj to, a možno niečo pozitívnejšie :). Naša firma, XperienceHR, bola pozvaná do redakcie časopisu TouchIT – Digitálny svet na dotyk.   Pozrite … Read More

Feedback - Atalian SK

Keď 10-ročný dochádzkový systém už nestačí

3 min read Prípadová štúdia ATALIAN Slovensko Rozhovor s pani Lenkou Hrubovskou, HR Manažér     XperienceHR: Prečo ste sa rozhodli pre zmenu dochádzkového systému? Lenka: V ATALIANE HR procesy a systém sledovania dochádzky akosi fungujú zotrvačnosťou, avšak ešte nie sme sto percent … Read More

Touchless attendance for manufacturing

Attendance in Manufacturing and Factories

< 1 min read Understaffed production lines, idle time on the shifts, expired work certificates… If you are HRIS or Shift Manager in the warehouse, factory or logistics center, you will like what Matt, Manager at the Great Factory, has to say. In these … Read More

One of Those BEFORE – AFTER Stories - Trenkwalder

One of Those BEFORE – AFTER Stories…

< 1 min read   There was a time when a large staffing agency depended on paper timesheets. Yes, 3000 paper sheets landed on HR Admins’ desks each month. They had to brace up for a painful process of typing up all the time … Read More

Permanent Home Office

This Is How HR Leaders Manage the Permanent Home Office

3 min read   Ghost offices and lifeless business districts appeared around the globe as a consequence of compulsory home office. What about all those square meters left behind empty? Let’s Take One Step Back. In the past years, many companies, not only … Read More

stars and rockets

Which HR Tech Stars Are to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

4 min read   If you are an HR Leader you will enjoy some insights into our “tech-kitchen”. You play bigger part in shaping up HR tools than you may think. This behind the door perception can enhance cooperation with your HR Tech … Read More


Furlough – HR Tech Is Here to Cover Your Back

2 min read   “Dear employees, you will be put on furlough”. Hundreds of thousands of business owners and managers were forced to utter such sentence due to corona virus preventive measures. This otherwise seldomly used term has now took up a new … Read More

HR tools

It’s Time for the HR Tools Spring Cleaning

2 min read   Who has moved furniture around to redesign their living space? And who has done some spring cleaning to design their home office during the Covid-19 quarantine? We believe quite a number of us realized it’s about the time! Reorganized … Read More

Hired During the Pandemic

Hired During the Pandemic

3 min read   Jane was hired without a handshake. This was a novelty – just like the novel coronavirus was, and it managed to turn our lives upside down. Back in February, we were so excited to look for our new colleague. … Read More